Assignment #3

For the third assignment I navigated in an unscaled environment to see the differences between this and the normal scaled one.
In order to scale all the project I've created an empty Game Object, reset its transform and I put everything inside it. In this way I can scale easily all the project through the inspector. I tried both 5x and 10x but the experience was more or less the same, a little bit stronger in 10x.
The movements are slower compared to the normal scale, I feel like I have to walk a longer distance in order to reach the other part of the room. I've also noticed that the red pointer is bigger compared to the normal pointer I used to have.

The texture in the wall seems less defined, that is depending to the definition of the texture I’ve downloaded.

The movement of jellyfishes seems slower too. Also, when I interact with objects that have physics It’s like they have a different gravity.

Finally it was like that lights were turned off, so I added a new directional light in order to take decent screenshots.
I think that the fact that you can fly around the room gives me a less strange feeling of being too little in a scaled environment. The only big difference that can me feels to be inside a not real-scaled environment is only the reduced speed that gives me a hint about the distance between objects. I would have noticed something stranger if I scaled only some objects and not all the room, but scaling everything with the possibility of "fly" I don't feel it so unfamiliar.
This capability could be useful when exploring and visualize 3D ambient of very little subsystems like atoms. So for example an application where you can reduce your size from normal one to very little until you can enter inside an atom and so you can visualize and analyze it better.