Assignment #4

During the second project in the Virtual Reality course we created our office design with Unity, starting from the EVL lab model. There were many good projects presented in the last two weeks, but I will comment the two I liked most.

First project:

The first one is the project done by the other Italian team, composed by Francesco Mantovani, Francesco Marcantoni e Giovanni Monna. As a project created by a team composed by 3 people, this project is full of items, sounds and interactions because of the requirements given in the assignment. I want to start talking about the overall disposition of elements in the lab that I felt very real. It’s a conception of office where I really would like to stay and work. There are a lot of elements that I like in this project. The first one is the Pikachu doll that makes an interactive sound when you touch it (correlated also with the Pokéball that you can launch, without be able to catch Pikachu, like in the cartoon). Then, as a Star Wars lover, there is also the amazing Darth Vader statue that makes an environmental sound of the famous breath and it says (SPOILER) one of the most important phrases in the movie “I am your father”.
My favorite part of the room is the back, where there is the Table football (with a nice interaction sound) and especially the little golf course where you can really play with the golf club. Another particular thing that I didn’t see in any other project is a fluctuating object like the drone. You can interact also with it and move it, but when you release it will continue to fluctuate.

Finally, another room that impressed me is the bathroom. I think they were the only one who put a bathroom in the office (smart and comfortable idea) and they did a very good work in doing that. I liked it from an aesthetical point of view, because the models are of the correct size and disposed in a very good way. But also for all the interactions they put inside it: the sound of the toilet’s flush is amazing, but also the interaction with the sink that represented a real touchless sink interaction.

Second project:

The second project that I chose is the one made by Aldo Alvarez. The first thing I really liked about this project is that he changed completely the disposition of the room, adding walls and creating more a house office than a room office. Walking inside it gives me a real sensation of moving inside perfect-size environment with everything at the proper place.

For what concern the interactions I like the sound that make the Angry Bird and the Minion doll. But the interaction sound I like most and that surprised me was the one with the music cubes with different notes that you can actually use to create a piano melody sound (but unfortunately I’m not so good at it).

Even if it’s a project made only by one person, the room is full of stuff and there are a lot of objects with cool and unique interactions. Another object that caught my attention is the ping pong table (it could be really cool to navigate in this room with another people and try to play it) that has also a real sound when you hit the ball.

Finally, a remarkable object in the office is the “Jenga” game. It has a really good physics that gives you the opportunity to play with it like the real one.