Assignment #5

For the 5th assignment I’ve downloaded on my Galaxy Note 8 the application iStaging, an interior design app in which the user can see how a furniture will fit in an environment thanks to the Augmented Reality. Another app that offers a similar service is the Ikea one.
In iStaging there were not so many available furniture to use, but I tried two different settings, one feasible and one unfeasible.

In the first one I put an armchair inside my room, but I felt like it was too big compared to a real armchair. Moreover, it was really hard to fit in on the ground and there were no ways to place it at a lower height. There is a tool that permit you to put the chair higher, but not the opposite and that’s annoying.

In the second one I used the app while I was in the gym, really tired in the middle of the training, and I put the only thing that I would have seen: a bed where to rest. That was really funny, also because in the photo I took there was a guy that seemed looking at the bed! Also, here I had some problems in fitting the object and I felt like it hadn’t the right proportion in the environment.

I didn’t try the Ikea one, but I think that the developers should improve the algorithm to map the real world so the objects will fit better in the environment. Another improvement that can be done is to use more real and natural colors, so the user can perceive it more like a real object. I think that on some ad hoc AR glasses/headset with plenty of sensors in the future will be easier to use an application like that and the results will improve. Moreover, using a headset, the objects appear more real than seeing them through a camera phone.
However, is still an amazing tool to use because it comes for free (almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera) and it can help to have an idea about how the object fits in the environment.