Assignment #6

In my opinion, using AR to add information of things you are seeing in the real world is one of the best application of this technology. For this assignment I tried SkyView, an Android application which uses camera, gyroscope and accelerometer in order to show information about planets and stars. If it’s used during the night it’s awesome because you can see real stars with live information. During the day is not the same because you can’t see the real stars.

I tried to see Saturn and the Moon, but unfortunately when I used the application they weren’t in the visible part of the sky, so I didn’t get a good effect with AR view. As you can see from the two screenshots it looks like both are inside the UIC campus!

In a future with an AR device for people who works in this field I think it could be a very nice tool to visualize sky and get a lot of more information such as names, constellations, distance, discovery method, etc. People can use gestures also to zoom into a star or planet and view real images or videos of the object selected. If the AR glasses are connected to the smartphone, the application can open a Google web page looking for particular detailed information too. It could be useful to have a visualization similar to the one that we are creating in VR for the second project. So, you can compare a star system or planet that you are seeing in the sky with another one fixed (e.g. solar system).