Assignment #9

After this first week of student’s choice presentations I want to focus on the device presented by Andrea Milanta, the Pimax 8K.

I loved Virtual Reality since the first time I’ve tried the VR headsets, but in each game and in each experience, I felt like there was always something that gave me a big clue about the fact that I was in a virtual world and not in a real. I enjoyed the first times the strange sensation in my body while doing experiences like the roller-coaster, but the main problem I noticed was the bad resolution. In each experience I tried in VR the resolution was too low (and also the FOV half of the real FOV of our eyes). But I knew that low resolution was only because Virtual Reality is a new technology and it’s being improved each day, so I waited for a more defined HMD.

Finally, this moment has come! At Pimax they did an amazing work because this new device has a resolution far better than the competitors like Oculus, HTC and PlayStation. With 4K per eye and especially with a FOV of 200° (almost the double of the others) the experience is definitely more real than ever!

One of the best applications that I imagine is a 360 video with a so high quality, resolution and FOV that the user will feel as being in a Real experience.

The main problem is that the Pimax requires a powerful GPU in order to work properly, but this is an obvious drawback.

If Pimax did a device like this, I’m sure that the new versions that Oculus, HTC and Playstation will develop in the next years will go in the same direction and will improve a lot how the user feels the Virtual World, shortening the gap between how we see in the Virtual World and how we see in the Real one.

Next-Gen VR is here!